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Project Brief Description:

Recently handed over this Pearl Project of MESMACK to its client Royal Commission- Jubail with the name of P&C of Daily and Friday Mosque and having R.C. Code 677-C20. This was the first prime project of MESMACK with Royal Commission as a Main Contractor. In other words this was the first project that pushed MESMACK into Royal Commission and approved as their prequalified contractor.
The nature of the project was to construct and build daily and Friday Prayer Mosque on the sea side. It is Large, beautiful, well-designed, well decorated and ornamented mosque. The mosque look, it’s finishing and work itself talks about the quality, architect, designs along with the hard work and dedication of the team who was involved in the development and construction of the mosque.

The scopes of the work includes structural, architectural, general construction work, Fire Fighting System, Landscaping, Interlock pavements etc. and street lighting, Fire Alarm System, Telecommunication and HVAC system (Duct work) and also build up and installed substation.