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Project Brief Description:

MESMACK has worked for treasured client Al-Sulimi Real Estate Co. and constructed warehouse and residential buildings. This project involves the construction and development of large Warehouse, construction of staff accommodation, road, asphalt, landscaping and etc. on 75000 m² areas. The
construction area of Warehouse itself was 200 x 150 m².

Project Scope:
The scope of the project includes: -
• Mobilization and Demobilization
• Site preparation & Earthwork
• Roads and parking including the embankments,
• Roadway base, and sub-base,
• Asphalted concrete courses,
• Curbs, marking, signs and associated walkways.
• Storm drainage system.
• Drainage system.
• Potable and fire water distribution system.
• Irrigation system based on treated sewage effluent distribution.
• Electrical power system.
• Street lighting system.
• Fire Alarm System
• Telecommunication system.
• CATV system.
• Landscape and hardscape