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Project Brief Description:

Mesmack work for SADARA as a direct client along with the Consultant FLUOR, the scope of the work was Excavation, foundations, Underground Utilities and Backfilling of the Emergency Response Building at SADARA, Jubail-2.
Mesmack was responsible for the excavation, backfilling with selected fill under blind concrete & pouring of blind concrete layer under miscellaneous buildings footings including Column Neck and grade beams and backfilling. There are more than 150 small foundations for Emergency Response Building consists on East Wing, West Wing, Fireman Storage Rooms, Compressor/ Air Filter Room, Central Garage room and other ancillary’s foundations..

Project Scope:
The underground utilities include: -
• Sanitary Connections (Up to 2m outside Foundations, in and out of the building)
• Potable Water Supply Connections
• Electrical Supply Connections
• Data & Telecommunications (PVC)
• Grounding (All required conduits to surface of Slab on Grade)
• Chilled Water Supply & Return (CHWS & CHWR)
• Compressed Air System
• Fire Water System