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Project Brief Description:

This Client for this project is Royal Commission – Jubail (R.C) with the name of CONSTRUCTION OFAPARTMENT BUILDING and having R.C code No. 641-C28, the project comprises construction of 80 units fully furnished flats in three buildings along with landscaping, asphalt and site development work.

This project is divided into two sites; one site contains four story building containing 32 unit Flats and other site contains 2 buildings of three story. Each building consists of 24 unit Flats, so this site altogether contains 48 units of flats.

Project Scope:
The Contract Work includes the following:
• Mobilization and Demobilization
• Site preparation& Earthwork
• Soil improvement (by removal & replacement),
• Finished grading and demolition of existing structures.
• Roads and parking including the embankments,
• Roadway base, and sub-base,
• Asphalted concrete courses,
• Curbs, marking, signs and associated walkways.
• Storm drainage system.
• Sanitary wastewater collection and conveyance system.
• Potable and fire water distribution system.
• Irrigation system based on treated sewage effluent distribution.
• Electrical power system, including construction of two (2) sub-stations.
• Street lighting system.
• Fire Alarm System
• Telecommunication system.
• CATV system.
• Landscape and hardscape.